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Missions and Explorations

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  • Scientists have discovered that the world will face a catastrophe when a series of earthquakes will cause flooding in Japan, the U.S. Russia and England. Everything in its path will be devastated. Nelson has only Eleven Days To Zero to prevent this. They are also hampered by several attacks by a force bent on destroying them, so they can become the world's dominant power.
  • Seaview has been dispatched to search for a missing research ship and the rescue ship sent to find it. Both have disappeared in the Aegean Sea. Crane goes undercover to a small island and there he discovers a City Beneath The Sea. Created by a man named Zeraff, he intends to use it to conquer the world.
  • The Polidor, a new type of sub designed by Nelson, is destroyed as it approaches crush depth, as a result of the panic on board by the crew. Unbeknownst to Nelson, a Fear Maker gas was introduced into Polidor's air supply. Seaview, on the way to find the cause of the Polidor's destruction, may come to the same fate.
  • Nelson has agreed to an unofficial mission, with no help from the U.S., to help President Fuente defect from his country. Arriving at the rendezvous, they find the President's yacht empty. Crane and other sailors board the yacht to take it to port, until they run into The Mist Of Silence. A gas that renders them unconscious and then are taken as prisoners. The enemy tries to force them to confess to kidnapping the President.
  • Nelson is working with scientists on a joint investigation into deep sea plankton in hopes it will be able to feed millions if developed properly. A spy on board has orders to steal the research. Meanwhile, the plankton, being exposed to light and heat grows enormously and threatens Seaview itself. What is The Price Of Doom?
  • The Sky Is Falling and with it an alien. Admiral Tobin takes over command of the Seaview with the task of finding the UFO and the navy ship that disappeared when it was sent to find it. Admiral Nelson has the task of trying to placate Admiral Tobin as he helps the alien and his crippled spaceship, in hopes of staving off an invasion.
  • After beng lost in the Antarctic for nine months, Jason Kemp is rescued. He tells an astounding story about being in a tropical oasis. Nelson feels that Kemp is not having delusions since he brought back some material that apparently came from a dinosaur. Nelson decides to try to recreate the accident that caused Kemp and others to be lost and in doing so they apparently Turn Back the Clock as they, in turn, end up on a prehistoric tropical oasis
  • Believing an eye witness report Nelson want to investigate the stories of attacks by sea monsters. Intending on interviewing a survivor Nelson enters a hostile and uncooperative Village Of Guilt. The scientist responsible lures Nelson into a trap leaving Seaview to deal with a rampaging beast.
  • After congratulating themselves on a successful launch of a rocket carrying a nuclear-powered satellite, the Russians learn that the satellite is defective. They use the Hot Line to call the White House to inform the President of the problem. The Seaview has to race to the missle where not only do they have to disarm the satellite, they have to find an imposter before it is too late.
  • The Seaview runs into an abandoned mine field when the sonar man is distracted by a fight causing it to sink. They release a buoy proclaiming Submarine, Sunk Here. The ony problem is that the only way out is the diving bell that is being repaired. And the only thing that can get the bell past the mines is the inertial guidance system, which has shorted out. Seaview's time is about up.
  • Something is causing U-2 planes to crash and the Seaview is sent to investigate. Crane goes ashore, but after his contact is killed he is betrayed by a stranger, Major Amadi and is captured by Gen. Gamal. Amadi is now aboard the Seaview, sent there by Crane. He tells Nelson there is a way to get to the installation underwater. Nelson, believing it is a trap, slowly enters the underground cavern and soon the Seaview is trapped by the Magnus Beam. Who is going to help them now?

  • As Crane and Nelson smuggle a defector, Anton Koslow out in a casket, they are attacked and the beautiful woman, Anna, who was with them, disappears. They do get Koslow to the Seaview, but he refuses to give them any information until Anna is found and brought aboard. Aware there was No Way Out they agree to go back and find Anna. Meanwhile an enemy agent on board is trying to kill Koslow. After he is killed they believe Koslov is now safe. Is he?

  • A blizzard hits the Atlantic coast as far as Florida where Nelson is meeting Dr Melton to ask for his help in learning the nature of the blizzard. Unbeknownst to Nelson, Melton has been implanted with a device by The Blizzard Makers to control him. He has been ordered to kill Nelson before it can be revealed that the blizzard is caused by a testing of a nuclear device. When the Seaview finally finds the island where the installation is, Nelson finds there is no way to stop the nuclear device from detonating.

  • Having talked Nelson into looking for a great whale under the guise of cardiac research, Dr. Bryce is out for revenge after his son his killed by the whale. Will Harry let Seaview be doomed by the Ghost of Moby Dick?

  • After the king of a small foreign country is assassinated, Seaview is drafted to escort his son, the prince and future king back to his country. The prince has been acting like a royal brat, until taken under wing by a strange castaway, who ends up being a good influence on the boy. After the assassin on board the ship has been found and the prince returned, the people are glad to see the prince alive and well. The prince has changed and even the crew of the seaview are glad to say Long Live The King.

  • The President of The United States has been injured in an accident and in trying to keep it quite the government drafts Seaview to assure safe passage to the United States for a delicate operation. Assassins find out the situation and use it to their advantage. An enemy agent gets aboard and tries to kill the president with a special electronic device during surgery. This all happens in Hail To The Chief.

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